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The 2nd Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Symposium

Theory - Hardware - Applications - Radicals


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Wednesday, 2.09

9:00 Registration. Coffee

10:50 Thomas Prisner Opening remarks

Overhauser-DNP Chair Christian Griesinger
11:00 Songi Han Prospects of Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarization
11:30 Marina Bennati 1H and 13C Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation with a Two-Field (0.35/14 T) Shuttle Spectrometer
12:00 Giacomo Parigi Nuclear relaxometry helps designing systems for solution DNP
12:30 Deniz Sezer Dynamic nuclear polarization studied with molecular dynamics simulations

13:00 Lunch

DNP-Agents I Chair Paul Tordo
14:30 Kerstin Münnemann 13C DNP of Biomolecules Dissolved in Water and 1H DNP Studies of Spin Labeled Polymers
15:00 Jan H. Ardenkjaer-Larsen 13C DNP with trityl biradicals
15:30 Thorsten Maly Optimized Polarizing Agents for High-Field Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

16:00 Coffee

DNP-Agents II Chair Walter Köckenberger
16:30 Malcolm H. Levitt Insights from singlet NMR and prospects for DNP applications
17:00 Maja C. Cassidy Silicon Nanoparticles as Long-T1 Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance Imaging Agents
17:30 Mathilde Lerche Imaging of Elevated Branched Chain Amino Acid Metabolism in Tumors with Hyperpolarized 13C-Ketoisocaproate

19:00 Dinner

20:00 - 22:00 Poster Session with Wine and Beer

Thursday, 3.09

Solid-State-DNP Chair Frank Engelke
9:00 Robert G. Griffin High Frequency Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Solids and Liquids
9:30 Werner Maas Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at 263 GHz and Applications to Biological Solids
10:00 Tochimichi Fujiwara Dynamic nuclear polarization experiments at 14.1 T for solid-state NMR

10:30 Coffee

Time Domain DNP Chair Daniella Goldfarb
11:00 Steffen Glaser Topic will be announced
11:30 Graham Smith Improved polarisation transfer using high power pulse techniques
12:00 Hans-Martin Vieth Low field time-resolved Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with field cycling and high resolution NMR detection
12:30 Björn Corzillus Time domain (Pulsed) dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) at high magnetic field

13:00 Lunch

Methods Chair Ralf Boelens
14:30 Lucio Frydmann Indirectly-Detected Ultrafast 2D NMR of Hyperpolarized Solutions
15:00 Shimon Vega Determining factors defining Spin Diffusion during DNP experiments
15:30 Danuta Kruk General and flexible theoretical approach to Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

16:00 Coffee

Hardware Chair Mark Prandolini
16:30 Walter Köckenberger Dissolution DNP NMR with an integrated system
17:00 Vasyl Denysenkov New double resonance structures for high field DNP in liquids
17:30 Marcel Reese A Liquid-State Shuttle DNP Spectrometer for 600 MHz NMR: Construction and Results for 1H and 13C Signal Enhancement

19:00 Conference Dinner

Friday, 4.09

Dissolution-DNP Chair Jan H. Ardenkjaer-Larsen
8:30 Arno Kentgens High-Field Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in a Microfluidic Context
9:00 Christian Hilty Chemical and biochemical reactions studied by real-time DNP-NMR
9:30 Miquel Pons Exploring new radicals for solution DNP applications

10:00 Coffee

MRI-DNP Chair Kerstin Münnemann
10:30 Arnaud Comment Dissolution DNP for in vivo brain studies
11:00 Daniel Vigneron Towards Clinical Patient Studies of Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 Metabolic Imaging
11:30 Kevin Brindle Detecting tumour responses to treatment using hyperpolarised 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Visit of the Center of Biological Magnetic Resonance Frankfurt (BMRZ)
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